stockholm syndrome: politicians vs citizens

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stockholm syndrome: politicians vs citizens

it amazes me. i know, i was once like all the rest and i should remember that when viewing those still on “the path”. still, i can’t help but be astounded at the multitudes of people who believe the words of politicians. they worship these people as if they were something other than creeps, crooks, liars, thieves and murderers. i know, it’s a lack of education and insight; a lifetime of state-worshiping propaganda and a natural proclivity to remain in the embrace of a comfortably ignorant world-view.

as we have discovered in previous posts here, government is a criminal organization and politicians and faceless bureaucrats are its goons.

i wonder how many government apologists also share an affinity for local gangs and mafias? do they praise these groups and militantly support their leaders? if not, then these groups don’t have their propaganda machine in order. it is clear that all they have to do in order to gain the trust of americans is to promise them the moon and stars. they will, undoubtedly, assume that any absurd thing promised by such a group is entirely possible, even if it is in complete violation of the immutable laws of human nature (which any such promises almost certainly will be). after such trust is gained, they will be free to rape and pillage their new-found followers ’till their heart’s content, never fearing that their actions will be recognized as anything but the most valiant attempt to uphold the highest ideals of society.

one only needs to lie to me once before their character is called into question. anything after that and they will never be trusted again. but the average citizen knows nothing of lies. lies and truth are the same when spilling from the mouths of pious politicians and benevolent bureaucrats.

the state exists for the plunder of the people. its greatest enabler? the people themselves!

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    Well written article.

  2. Wish to have this article on a huge billboard in every city and town in America
    Colleen one seeking true north

    I have included your post as a link to my blogsite.

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