the moral individual’s relationship to the state

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the moral individual’s relationship to the state

by now, we know the state to be little more than a criminal organization. once explained, few people can disagree. the argument for libertarianism is undeniably strong. the problem is that, even though most may accept the argument for libertarianism as undeniable after understanding its basis, they will continue engaging in discussions and arguments about what the state should do next or which candidate to vote for etc. this shows that even when presented with unassailable anti-state logic, many, if not most, do not make the connection between abstract concepts and reality.

conversation should never revolve around which presidential candidate has the best energy policy or which is best on national security. the debate should be how best to end the destruction wrought on civilized society by the criminal elite. if one would never associate with or participate in the actions of a local gang or crime syndicate, then they, for the same reasons, should shun association with or participation in government. government is institutionalized crime! everything it does is in the interest of transferring wealth and power from private (or legitimate) society to the politically connected. all those concerned with ethics and morality and the stability and prosperity of society should reject, at least philosophically, the state’s legitimacy and denounce it as cancerous to civilization.

the debate on what is the best course of action for the state is self-defeating. the market is self-regulating, so any intervention will only make it less efficient and productive. in other words, when it comes to interventionist policy, we have to put up with the state’s violence, but at least we’re all poorer for it! because government is a vehicle for the redistribution of wealth and power from legitimate society to the politically connected, how can non-political individuals ever benefit? in short – we can’t. so why bother talking about it?

this is not a strategy lecture. as long as it is recognized that the state is the enemy of society, then take whatever strategy you favor to reduce its power. just realize that empowering and legitimizing the establishment will never lead to the state’s decline. always speak out against evil. it is the height of nobility among men.

those who support and promote politicians or state interventions support and promote evil. do you wish to separate yourself from evil? then separate yourself from the state.

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