the failure of the free market?

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the failure of the free market?

i can’t count how many times i’ve heard how the free market has failed in light of the recent financial crisis, or how deregulation was to blame or how laissez faire capitalism has been dealt a death blow.

what i want to know is, “where is it that these conditions existed?”. only the hopelessly ignorant or outright liars would ever make such outrageous claims. with over 70,000 pages of regulations on the books, over 100 federal agencies, a government that spends 40% of the national income, and a central bank enjoying a monopoly on currency, free market capitalism hasn’t existed in any measurable amount in the united states in a long, long time.

it is a confluence of unthinking, political followers and a general ignorance of economics that allows these types of absurdities to permeate the ranks of boobus americanus. as long as some lying, slimy politician, in an austere and authoritative tone, asserts that the free market has caused any problems, those pathetically naive individuals who still believe the words of political parasites will march away, dutifully reciting this nonsense ad nauseum. has no one noticed that the government and its power has never been greater than it is right now, or that its power has steadily grown to this point over time? has no one noticed that these problems seem to get worse as that growth happens? it should be apparent to any conscious mind that the growth of state power has not helped the situation at all, yet we continually hear the calls for government to fix this problem or that, never mind that it has never fixed anything in the past, or even failed to make any perceived problems worse! how long will it take to wake the indoctrinated religious zealots, worshiping their god, the state, from their trance? at this point, i wonder if the everyman would ever even consider that the state was not the answer to any possible problem.

the failure we see here, is of corporatism and socialism, as usual. the free market, which doesn’t even exist in any measurable form, has nothing to do with it. the state, with its constant meddling in the activities of the market through monetary inflation, the corporate/state alliance, uber-regulation and crippling redistribution is solely responsible for the problems we see on the world stage today. most of the anti-market mouthpieces today couldn’t even tell you the difference between corporatism, socialism and capitalism. as such, it is woefully unethical to place blame on concepts which are wholly misunderstood by those doing the blaming. but, because transferring power and wealth from society to the political class is the goal of government, it is best to obscure the facts about those ideas leading to the freedom of the people and to demonize them, blaming them for the faults of the state while touting ever more state power as the solution.

as long as people will blindly follow their awful masters down the path to oblivion, as they do today (as is seen in the hilariously sad expectations that one of the paper messiahs in the current presidential campaign will “fix” anything), conditions will continue to degrade. from pink floyd’s “sheep”:

What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes
Now things are really what they seem
No, this is no bad dream.

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