words have meanings

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words have meanings

often, a tactic of those who advocate evil is to use words with generally positive connotations to sway the unthinking masses to a cause, even though the usage may in no way represent the true meaning of the word and, more often than not, means the exact opposite.

for example, we know that a person who engages in activities that he knows will result in the death of an innocent person is a murderer. we also know that a person taking the wealth of another without consent is a thief. that’s simple enough, but most of the public has no capacity for critical thinking, therefore, these concepts can be masked by simply using words that sound better. so, instead of instead of “mass murder”, use “war” and instead of theft, use “taxation”. that way, one who intends on stealing in order to finance murder can simply refer to “taxation to fund war”. if one is so lucky to have control over a coercive mass indoctrination system (substitute “public education system”), one can teach the masses to revere the words used to twist such meanings.

recently, i heard a thief and liar (politician) condescending to large crowds that he would enact “change”. of course, being chosen and anointed by the establishment, he has no intention of changing anything, so he substituted the the less attractive phrase, “status quo” for the word “change”. because he knew no one would bother to think about the actual meaning of the word, he was able to persuade many people to support war (murder) and taxation-inflation-deficit borrowing (theft). generally, most people are appalled by the ideas of murder and theft, but they can easily be persuaded to support them by a simple reworking of terms.

possibly the boldest and most effective misdirection in terminology is using the word “freedom” as a substitute for “slavery”. freedom is the absence of coercion against one’s person, property or non-aggressive usage thereof. the serial use of “freedom” to describe the conditions of mass coercion such as taxation, behavioral control, licensing, speech infringement, coercive monopoly, etc as they exist in the united states is common, as well as using the phrase “fighting for your freedom” to refer to “war” (theft and murder).

the point is that words have meanings and those meanings are universal. what is wrong for one is wrong for all. mass murder does not become virtuous if the phrase “freedom fighting” is misused to describe it. a thief is a thief and a murderer is a murderer regardless of whether they carry out their trade in a dark alley, the deserts of foreign countries or the halls of capitol buildings.

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