inflation warning

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inflation warning

from the guy who told you to sell your houses in 2005, who told you to sell your stocks in oct 2007, who predicted the fall of major banks in the the second half of 2008 and told suv owners to stop sweating oil prices in june 2008 comes….(que trumpets and fanfare)…”more-sage-advice-that-you-will-ignore-to-your-detriment” (que cheering masses)!!!

seriously, though. at the first sign of economic recovery, the banks will unleash all of the money that the fed has been issuing and the u.s. will undergo a major bout of inflation. if you have savings, it will be devalued.

get out of the u.s. banking system and move your assets elsewhere (i like panama right now). use the current rally in the dollar to get out of your dollar-denominated assets. begin to pick spots to pick up a small position in gold. redenominate in other, more stable currencies. choose currencies from countries without a central bank if you can get them.

the point of getting out of u.s. banks is to avoid banking in an increasingly nationalized institution. want to bank with the DMV or FEMA? then get out of u.s. banks. the point of getting out of the dollar is to avoid having your liquid assets destroyed by the reckless federal reserve.

this is a time for defense. do what you can to protect your wealth. at best, if you follow this advice and some miracle happens and the economy rebounds in some credible fashion, you will have acted for nothing, or at least you will be in a good, independent bank. but, if at worst, the dollar collapses and the u.s. government completely destroys the economy, you will have saved yourself from destitution.

good luck!

UPDATE 01.04.09 – move your dollars into belgian and swiss francs and the singaporean dollar. move your bank accounts to monaco, panama or andorra.

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