obama plan creates 4.1 million jobs!

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obama plan creates 4.1 million jobs!

this is hilarious. the new messiah has proclaimed from on high that he can create 4.1 million jobs with his silly – i mean – awesome, stimulus plan. it might not have worked in the 30s, but for some unknown reason, it will now! the plan includes lots of small tax cuts, which i approve of, of course, but as i’ve said before, taxes are irrelevant. because taxation will decline (assuming it isn’t applied in a less obvious place as a counterbalance) and government spending will increase, the difference will be made up by either the printing press at the federal reserve, or by deficit borrowing – both of which will be paid for by the same people targeted by the tax cuts. it’s nothing more than a shell-game.

there are only 2 ways that the government can create jobs: 1) create make-work jobs by having people do useless tasks and pay them by transferring money from the already ailing productive element of society to the new job-holders and 2) get the hell out of the way and let capitalism introduce itself to the u.s.

but we know what’s going to happen and it sure ain’t gonna be capitalism. the state will attempt to create wealth out of nothing. it will spend on infrastructure for which there is no demand and pay people to do what amounts to digging holes in the dirt. these people will be paid to to do these jobs, no wealth will be created and good money will essentially be thrown into those holes and buried. the policies of lord keynes will draw their last breath as the state attempts to spend itself rich.

i predict (boy, i’m really going out on a limb on this one!) that the obama measures will fail to improve the economy.

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