injustice + ineffectiveness = statutory law

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injustice + ineffectiveness = statutory law

as mentioned in the previous post, crime is any aggression against a peaceful individual’s person or property. any law is unjust that includes aggression against the property of any peaceful (meaning non-aggressive) individual.

under this idea, the vast majority of laws are shown to be unjust. among them are laws against drunk driving, speeding, drug use, etc. many object to the classification of these laws as unjust because they believe that they are necessary to protect individuals from the reckless behavior of others. in actuality, people have a right to engage in any behavior they would like as long as they aren’t violating the person or property of others. the other side of that is that people are also responsible for their actions. so, engaging in certain actions, like drug use or drunk driving, may increase the the chances that one will violate the person or property of others. those who engage in risky behaviors must accept responsibility for their actions the restitution of which may be exorbitant. in the current situation, those people will never have to accept such responsibility, because they are protected from the brunt of it by the monopolized justice system. they may, at worst, go to prison, rather than face the demands for resistitution from those who have been injured, which could render that person a virtual slave for the rest of their lives. almost anyone under the circumstances would choose a short stint in prison to a lifetime of indentured servitude.

in this way, the state encourages risky behaviors because of the more lenient and predictable consequences of their actions. laws such as these, not only encourage the behavior they seek to reduce, but they also encroach on the rights of individuals! the classic lose-lose situation. all this, and the fact that those whose person or property has been violated under the current system are forced to pay for the incarceration of those who have hurt them! these laws are a violation of rights, they encourage the undesirable behaviors and then those who are hurt are forced to pay for the unsatisfactory punishment of the violator. as is typical with the state, not only are the actions unjust, but they are totally unsatisfactory in result and practice.

so there you go, no more need to support unjust laws. we’ve learned what injustice is and how to identify it. as if one were, needed, it’s another stake in the heart of myth of the state.

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