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politics and philosophy

politics, for the average person, is one of the most moronic pursuits possible. many folks love to dabble in it, with hilariously ignorant, contradictory or hypocritical results. it’s a game of my-team-is-better-than-your-team silliness. if it were just a game, it wouldn’t matter and folks could do whatever they wanted with their political blather and it would be meaningless.

it isn’t just a game. as discussed in the previous post, it is the difference between who rules and who suffers and it isn’t just the participants who feel the results. we all feel it. in the u.s., there is very little philosophy involved in it. it is typically republican vs. democrat and whatever “they ” do is bad (even if it’s the same thing we do) and whatever we do is good (even if it’s the same thing they do). it is based on party lines with no philosophy behind it and no consistency. being a republican or democrat means absolutely nothing about what you believe. george bush need only register as a democrat and he’s just as much a democrat as barney frank. hillary clinton could become a hardcore republican by simply registering that way, with no other changes whatsoever.

often, when i mention being a libertarian, people may relate to how they voted for a Libertarian in election-x, or how they don’t see the relevance of the Libertarian Party. these people don’t understand that being a libertarian has nothing to do with voting or political parties, or politics at all. is there a political party out there that calls themselves the Libertarian Party? yes, but that has nothing to do with subscribing to the philosophy of libertarianism. i have no affiliation with any political party. i hate politics. i want the state abolished. it only goes to show how the idea of philosophy doesn’t enter the minds of mainstream americans when it comes to politics. people can relate to political parties, but not to philosophies. libertarianism doesn’t really have anything to do with politics. it is merely a philosophy based on the idea that no one has the right to aggress against the person or property of others. the only reason it tends to get caught up in political spheres is because the largest offender of that idea is the state. libertarianism is often brought up in discussions of government, but is not political per se, but consistently opposed to the violence of government.

throw away the useless concept of political parties and the games associated with their wrangling for state power. forget politics and consider philosophy rather than partisan political childishness. open your mind to the ideas of peace and prosperity. swallow the red pill and never look back!

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