us and them

libertarianism market anarchy

us and them

one of the most important things for people to understand is how to bridge the gap between all of these ideas and the real world. it’s important to understand that there are only people in the world and that all of those people have the same rights as all others, assuming they haven’t diminished those rights by aggressing against others.

next time you find yourself being aggressed against by the police, pulling over onto the side of the road for fear that non-compliance will result in a violent outburst from the aggressor, ask yourself if you have hurt anyone or anyone’s property. after the inevitable, “no”, ask your self if you have the right to do to the cop behind you what he’s doing to you. if the answer to both questions is “no”, then your rights are being violated by an individual of criminal means.

i don’t care what your emotional reason is for “supporting law enforcement”, they are nothing more than a criminal gang, just like all the rest of government.

when was the last time the police protected you or anyone you know from anything? now, when was the last time they extorted money from you after you did some arbitrary act that they deemed finable?

it time to remove such misplaced “support” from law enforcement and reject them socially as we would any other criminal.

Conceptual logician, libertarian philosopher, musician, economist, almost-ran businessman and other stuff.
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