the left is better

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the left is better

whoda thunk it, but barack obama is actually worse than W. not only has he escalated the war in afganistan and done nothing about iraq, but he’s done everythying possible to destroy what bush left of the economy while continuing to propagate a totalitarian police state.

so, why the hell is the title of this post “the left is better”? i think it’s important not to confuse “the left” with politicians. the left-right continuum is just the sophomoric way in which most people classify political beliefs. the difference between the left, the right and politicians is that the left and right generally consist of people naive enough to be lured into the false dichotomy of state-influenced society. politicians, on the other hand are just a criminal class, generally without ideology, that exist in order to rape society by any means possible. i mean, honestly, can there ever be a consensus on whether or not obama is a fascist or a socialist? i doubt it, because he’s not an ideologue. he does whatever it takes to shift wealth and power away from the ruled, in favor of the rulers.

the dupes of society falling into the left and right, on the other hand, are highly ideological. they have no one to wield power over, so they have nothing invested in politics outside of ideology. these people aren’t necessarily bad. since there are only three types of people in the world: the ignorant, the evil and libertarians, the vast majority of left-righters fall into the first category. all that stands between them and libertarianism is education.

that said, there are those more inclined to libertarianism than others. after a lot of proselytizing, i have come to believe that the group most open to the message is “the left”. they tend to support freedom in expression, association and other more purely social functions, but are merely poorly educated in economics. more often than not, if you can educate a lefty on basic economics, you’ve got an instant libertarian. the left still has (though the dogmatic following of obama is killing it) a thriving intellectual component that makes them open to the libertarian pursuits of rights theory and economics.

the right, on the other hand, which is doggedly pursued by the libertarian establishment, if you will, seems hostile to freedom on a very basic level. they are typically anti-free market, regardless of the empty rhetoric, favoring tariffs and protectionist measures for domestic business, they celebrate the corporate-state alliance and support the banning of many markets like drugs, sex markets, etc and they tend to support such economic collectives such as the military and police. they also tend to be highly anti-intellectual and hold totalitarian beliefs on a near religious level in opposition to individual rights. the right tends to be anti-freedom on both the economic and social aspects of society, if you don’t mind such a simplified social/economic comparison.

this is not meant to bash the right over the left, but just to express an opinion about the best way to go about reaching out. your best bet is the left. they will tend to be more open and capable than a typical righty. so, don’t give up on the right, but we would be better served by focusing more on the more naturally anti-authoritarian left.

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