are criminals and their victims the same thing?

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are criminals and their victims the same thing?

in the story linked to, 57% of u.s. voters prefer military action against north korea because they fired off another of their utterly pathetic “missiles”. these things are, at best, a sad joke. what’s even sadder, and not funny in the least is the psychopathic u.s. voter. only 15% percent oppose the use of military force against the poorest and weakest nation on the planet?

folks just don’t seem to understand the difference between a criminal and his victim. how many folks would support the death penalty for a rapist AND his victim? why not? they support military force against an entire nation of people who have been completely impoverished and enslaved by a despotic megalomaniac. so, the people of north korea should be annihilated by the u.s. military because they’ve gotten their asses handed to them by some jerk named kim? get real! just like in the u.s., the government and the people victimized by it are not the same thing! i shouldn’t be blown up by terrorists just because the u.s. military attacked iraq for no good reason. i don’t have anything to do with what some group of murderous busy-bodies in washington d.c. does to others, in fact, i oppose the very existence of such a group and i’d bet the average north korean has a less than warm-and-fuzzy feeling as well.

presidunce obama vows to strengthen economic sanctions against north korea. oh really? the north koreans are already trampled into the dust by this god-king kim. does anyone out there think that he’s going to allow further economic sanctions lower his quality of life? of course not! all of that added burden will be transferred directly to the already destitute north korean citizens. sanctions, just like military action, punishes the victims, the north korean people, without necessarily doing anything to stop the government responsible in the first place.

we are not the government, the government is not us. we have NO CONTROL over their actions. they act with no regard to our rights or well-being in their incessant attempts to transfer power and wealth from us to themselves. stop conflating the criminal and the victim!

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