best joke ever?

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best joke ever?

punchline: it’s a free country.

free to do what? in the u.s. (and most any other place on the planet), citizens are not free at all. virtually every aspect of life, from birth to death is entangled in the web of the state. want to open a business, drive your car, buy groceries, build a house, own that same house, get on an airplane, spend the money you make at work, drink a beer, negotiate a wage, buy contact lenses, have a pet squirrel, etc? sorry, you aren’t free to do any of those things.

but wait! we can do all of those things without any kind of penalty under the current system of law, can’t we? the answer is yes. the difference between having the freedom to do those things and what we have, is this: you don’t have to ask permission to do anything you’re free to do. all of the items listed above require either that one ask permission of someone else (some government person) who claims the right to force you to submit to his wishes (open a business, drive your car, build a house, have a pet squirrel), or that one conform to certain arbitrarily assigned values in order to participate in certain activities (drink a beer, negotiate a wage). the rest simply require that one continually pay a fee to avoid being jailed or worse.

you see, there is a difference between a right and a privilege. you never have to ask permission to act upon your rights, unless you are being oppressed by someone else. you only have to ask permission of those whose property you wish to use or those who have sufficient power to control you and threaten you if you use your own. rights are only granted to you by the fact of your existence as a human being – nothing else. the state, on the other hand, attempts to curtail your rights by forcing you to abide by its edicts. remember, the government is nothing more than a group of people similar to us, but claiming the right to rule over us at our expense.

do you have a right to drive your car? of course! it’s your property. but that right is reduced to a privilege by the government when they threaten you with seizure of your car if you don’t pay their extortion money for license tags. same thing with a house – don’t pay the extortion money (taxes) and they’ll kick you out of it. these sick people just can’t wrap their minds around the complicated idea that what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. to them, lazy and greedy, they assume that what’s theirs is theirs and yours is also theirs, but, of course, it doesn’t work the other way around. ah, the hypocrisy of state power!

never confuse rights with state-granted privileges. always be aware that whenever you have to ask the state for permission that you are being separated by bureaucrats and politicians, at the point of a gun, from your God-given rights.

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