those funny republicans

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those funny republicans

kay bailey hutchison was on cnbc the other day discussing the fate of the republican party. she said she didn’t want to see it relegated to regional influence (mostly in the south). she said that the party needed to stick to its message and remind the voters that they are the party of small government, less taxes and fiscal responsibility.

this is such a back-handed slap in the face. she basically said “we just need to remember that the average voter is retarded and that since they will believe anything we say, let’s just trot out that old, tired rhetoric that has fooled them so many times in the past”. the sad truth is that she’s probably right. the republicans know that the average american will totally forget that the republicans doubled the federal budget in their time in power from 1994 – 2008. that’s small government? they increased the federal debt by nearly 2.5 times. that’s fiscal responsibility? they cut some tiny taxes here and there and use the inflation machine to send the cpi up from 5% to 13% and that’s less taxes?

it’s as if they think that the republican party just sprung up to liberate the citizenry in november of last year. republicans love state power. they will do anything to spend you and i into oblivion in order to enrich themselves and their special interests, just like the democrats. if you don’t believe it, just look back on the last 15 years where they proved that very thing!

so, republicans, take your war, your welfare, your lust for power, your hatred of free markets and your dirty political machine and crawl under the front porch of history and die. while you’re at it, invite the democrats and the entire state apparatus to go with you.

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