political action is for the weak

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political action is for the weak

there are many concerned individuals out there about where “our country” is headed. i hear call after call for political action against this or that legislation. i should call or write to my (?) legislator and voice my opinion about opposing the furtherance of state power through “law”. IMO, this has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time in the world.

why people continue political action in the interest of fighting state power is beyond me. what has this ever accomplished of any significance? did it stop the patriot act, the military commissions act, the wars on iraq and afganistan, the drug war, the stimuli, the bailouts, cap and trade, torture, the NDAA or the federal reserve? did it get ron paul elected? where is the list of victories? how many utter failures does it take to get people to give up on this futile pursuit?

the state is here to subjugate us. they live off of the backs of the productive and there’s no way they’re about to let you screw that up. governments are based on the use of the threat of force (and the employment of such force) in order to transfer wealth and power from the citizenry to the politically connected.

there are no political means to stop the state from preying on society. as goldman said, “if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal”. the only way to fight is through the markets (the black ones) and through a refusal to cooperate with the state. political action is the preferred method of the naive, lazy, timid and half-hearted; not to actually produce change, but to achieve an illusory feeling of empowerment – just another tactic of the state to keep us in our place.

real results come from taking real risks. simply begging one’s master for a scrap from his table, or for one less lash from the whip is degrading and ineffective. the state must be opposed, not on its terms, but on ours. this is where the real freedom fighters will shine.

it was long ago time to give up on this activist’s hamster wheel, where so much energy is spent going nowhere. if we are ever to overcome the state’s predations, we have to be willing to take the necessary risks. one must recognize that he has no masters in this world, then refuse to follow the dictates of those who claim the right to subjugate.

will you act alone? i can assure you of this: you won’t. i’m here and you can always call on me. it has been time, for a long time now, to put up or shut up. do whatever is in your capacity to oppose the state and all who would rule over you by force. forget the humiliation and futility of political action. don’t bother with voting or calling “your” congressman, simply refuse to accept the rule of others over your life.

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