action not required

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action not required

deconverting to libertarian anarchism, or libertarianism in general is a virtually risk-less procedure. it doesn’t require any action other than refuse to continue harboring the utopian idea that the state is either good or necessary.

of course, activists are always welcome in the freedom movement, but once one has accepted reality, there is no other action required. it’s not as if you’re being recruited into some organized group of radical activists. those people, myself included, definitely exist, but the best reason for accepting the truth of libertarianism, and anarchism especially is because you will see the world as it really is. even if you continue through life as if nothing ever happened and no one ever finds out you made the leap, you will have the benefit of no longer living beneath the myth of the state. if nothing else, your mind will be freed.

libertarianism is as much a state of mind as it is anything else. do you want to know truth? allow yourself to let go of your biases and preconceptions and let the light shine through.

Conceptual logician, libertarian philosopher, musician, economist, almost-ran businessman and other stuff.
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