sanctions are an abomination

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sanctions are an abomination

in its incessant march to war, the u.s. government has called for increased sanctions on iran. what this means is that the u.s. wants to forcibly restrict the trade that iranians are able to do outside of iran by cutting off supply lines through legal action (or, the threat of force).

these sanctions are nothing more than placing the boot of government on the throats of not only iranians, but everyone who does business with them. we see here in the u.s. that the government will continue to grow in wealth and power regardless of economic conditions. the u.s. state has cranked down its grip on us and increased its power happily , even as we struggle under the weight of the crisis it created. the same is true for those suffering under the regime in iran. no matter how difficult things are, the iranian government will thrive at the expense of the people, consequences be damned! the application of sanctions will do nothing to curb the behavior of the iranian government (not to mention the reasons why such curbs are totally unnecessary), but it will only serve to further burden the innocent people of iran. it may even strengthen the support of the iranian regime in iran by being threatened by an aggressive foreign power.

but sanctions don’t only hurt the people of the country they are imposed upon, but also the prosperity of anyone doing business with them. imagine all the business done with iranians in the united states. with the imposition of sanctions, those american’s livelihoods are also being threatened. why should they have to suffer?

add to this that all of it is completely unnecessary.

sanctions don’t hurt governments, only the innocent people subject to them. like all of the actions of governments, no one wins but them.

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