logic – it’s not that difficult.

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logic – it’s not that difficult.

i get subscribed, somehow, to all kinds of email lists (i even get automated calls from congressional reps- how the hell did they get my number?). a couple of them have been these independent news sources, like “truthout” or “reader supported news”.

well, rsn sent out its daily email with the usual links to news and opinion stories on it. one, “The Other Plot to Wreck America“, claimed that “Americans must be told the full story of how Wall Street gamed and inflated the housing bubble, made out like bandits, and then left millions of households in ruin.” as might be expected, the author was going to tell us, as if the story was a mystery to begin with. look at the article yourself. no mention of the role of the federal reserve. not one! and this is the “full story”? sorry, guy, but you left out a small part – a small, 90% part.

why bother with all the complex “analysis”? why not make it easier and more fun by chalking this stuff up to some ancient fairy plot, or a mysterious unicorn/leprechaun curse? if you’re going to promote b.s., at least make it interesting. what i really want to know is why promote it at all? is it because you get paid by interested parties? is because you want to make a name for yourself by ingratiating yourself to the power elite? do you want to be thought of as a smart guy by those even more ignorant than you? heck, maybe you just like writing, for writing’s sake, but don’t care enough about the subject matter to do any research.

here’s some advice, frank rich. any conclusion following logically from a false premise will be false. so, when you get ready to write, check your premise, then you won’t look like a fool to those of us who are knowledgeable. of course, with public education having the unavoidable effect that it does, we may be such a small percentage that it doesn’t matter. get rid of that idea that the state can ever be the solution to any problem, then you can be taken seriously by serious people.

if rsn wants me to donate to their organization, they’re going to have to give me something i can’t get somewhere – no, make that anywhere else. because i can get claptrap anywhere. if i want some doofus telling me a story based on false premises, advocating absurd solutions to the problem, i’ll consult the mainstream media for free, thanks.

i know it’s an opinion piece, but does rsn consider everything fit to print? i never asked to be subscribed to rsn’s listserve, but, to be honest, i don’t mind giving something a try. i have to actively avoid the crap from the mainstream media, but when i have to avoid the same crap in my inbox? sorry rsn, but “unsubscribe”.

take your crap and pedal it to morons.

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  1. I see this occuring on the many newsletters that I am also "subscribed" to. Writers will give you only as much of the story that is needed to steer you in the direction they want you. Anything welse is considered extra parts and tossed to the side.

    By the way, my unicorn friends are angry that you fingered them in this piece. They were quite angry…so tread lightly. They said something about using their horn prison style!

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