culpability lies in actions, not words

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culpability lies in actions, not words

it’s been a common topic here: criminality. as i’ve stated before, true criminality is not a legal matter, but a philosophical one. criminality involves the violation of the person or property of others. it has nothing to do with (regardless of what the state tells you) legalities.

just as one cannot truly own another, his mind always remaining independent, if not his body, one cannot take responsibility for the actions of others. no one is a robot and all have the ability to choose which actions they will undertake and which they will not. all are responsible for fully thinking out their actions before acting, especially when those actions are directed against others. refusing to do so is not an excuse when seeking forgiveness for harming someone.

being asked or “ordered” to violate the property of others is a decision that lies with the individual, not the task master. when leaders of governments order their minions to undertake a crime, they are guilty of nothing more than bad behavior. it is the minion who commits the crime who bears sole responsibility for his voluntary actions. if one argues the culpability of those giving orders, one must agree that simple ideas, speech or desires, if unpopular, should be considered crime. enter the thought police.

thoughts and words can never be criminal because they don’t violate the person or property of others. regardless of how despicable persons like stalin, hitler, lincoln, amin, mao, roosevelt, etc are, they are innocent of the crimes committed by soldiers and police at their behest. the soldiers and police who actually committed the crimes are accountable and not some slime bag behind the scenes.

this is the number one reason why people of conscience should never seek the employ of criminal organizations. you will be the true criminal. are you a soldier? do not reenlist. are you a policeman? seek legitimate employment. are you a thief? respect the property of others.

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