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how politics works

election year! yay! just kidding. yeah, it sucks to have the same old crap rammed down your throat every time you turn on the idiot box, but that’s where we are, so i figured i’d enlighten the masses on how the political establishment actually works to dupe people into supporting an agenda that slowly crushes them.

the basis of it is misdirection. like pynchon said, “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers”. there’s a brilliant and complex strategy involved here. the media and the school system lay the groundwork:

the public school system indoctrinates and does some education on the side. in school they teach, with a professional subtlety, that government is good and necessary – don’t even question it. for the few who are able to step back and objectively analyze that idea, it’s obviously absurd. but, the system is really good at what it does, so very few will ever ask the right questions. teachers teach what they were taught, from a flawed perspective, to naive students who are forced to attend.

from there, the media take over. they frame debate in all sorts of false dichotomies, focusing your attention on divisive issues,  issues created by government, and tell you to choose how the government should fix them. of course, they don’t mention that government is never going to fix the issues that were created specifically to divide people, thereby weakening and blinding the populace to their own shearing. you can’t focus on government if you’re focused on each other; taught that your fellow citizen is the problem and the state is the answer. an absolutely perfect strategy for anyone desiring power over a group of people.

now that you’re fully wrong, it’s time to play the political game!

one thing you need to be aware of is that, since nixon severed the dollar’s final flimsy ties to gold in 1972, cutting the leash completely on government spending, republican administrations have, on average, increased the rate of spending by almost double that of democratic administrations (of course, that’s not the whole story, but i’m not trying to write a book here). i focus on rates of spending because virtually every president in history has presided over a greater budget than the guy before him, so that’s not really useful for analysis.

yeah, that surprises you, but that’s part of the whole scam.

government grows. that’s one of the most eternal axioms of politics. and with that growth in government comes growth in problems as, more and more, society in disrupted by coercion. as problems increase, the greater the call for a growth in government to solve the problems caused by a growth in government. see? that’s the media and public schooling working their magic. this election is no different.

with obama, republicans are outraged at the massive amount he’s spending, as are many people. that’s what the media focuses on more than anything. the truth? obama’s administration is presiding over the slowest rate of spending since as far back as i care to go (i went back to truman before i gave up). but the media has you focused on the wrong question. no one thinks to ask if obama’s actually spending more, they just imply that he is and everyone accepts it. what’s the answer? electing a republican. a republican, who, if history is any guide, will spend much more than the democrat.

after the republican is in office, the media shifts its focus away from spending, but, inevitably, as government grows at an even faster rate under the republican, problems get worse. people get upset and the media tells them that the solution is a democrat.

establishment, 1 – citizens, 0

now the focus shifts again to spending. even though the democrat spends at a slower rate, government grows, causing more problems, people get upset, can’t remember what it was like to have a republican in office and are directed by the media to vote for a republican to reign in the spending, ironically.

establishment, 2 – citizens, 0

repeat, ad infinitum.

where does the spending go? to the politically connected. war profiteers, big ag, bio-pharma, big banks, etc. take a look at the donors for the two presidential candidates. looks pretty similar, eh? there’s a reason for that. the political establishment that controls american politics has a great scam going. they fleece the plebeians for trillions of dollars per year, all with a tacit consent.

shocked by this? gonna vote for the libertarian candidate? good luck! they leave no rocks unturned. even the LP has been infiltrated by the establishment and they have fielded fully owned establishment candidates for the last two elections. take-over of a major party? good luck, again! maybe you missed the hack job the RNC did on ron paul, marginalizing him at at every turn and then, despite that, when it became apparent that he was still a threat, they simply changed the rules to ensure his supporters would be disenfranchised.

government is a HUGE pit of money and power for the elite and there’s no way they’re going let anyone screw that up. no way.

so now you know.

now, go vote, suckers!

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