The Left ❤s racists and rapists


The Left ❤s racists and rapists

“The Left” has come to represent the proverbial “barbarians at the gate” in modern culture, hell-bent on destroying civilization in many ways, but specifically by making the world a safer place for racists and rapists. This must be the case, since, otherwise, I’d have to conclude that they suffer from terminal ignorance and/or stupidity, which I’m always loathe to suppose, since stupidity is a legitimate excuse for holding and promoting absurd or dangerous positions.

One such absurd or dangerous position is the push to help racists reenter the public sphere by delegitimizing the term “racist”, or “white supremacist”or others, by using these terms to describe people or actions that are clearly not racist. Over time people learn that these terms don’t really mean anything, so that when real racists appear, there’s no good way to call them out. It’s really a great strategy, since it makes the accusers appear to be anti racist while giving cover to actual racists.

They help out their rapist and misogynist friends the same way. By referring to anything as rape, they dilute the meaning of the term in order to make it difficult, if not impossible, for female victims of actual rape to seek justice. The #metoo movement is an underhanded way to institute a rape culture which they pretend to fight against. It’s especially vile because they use unsuspecting, well-intentioned women to act as soldiers in a war against themselves.

I think it’s key to point out these tactics for those of us who truly care about women and the continued suppression of racism so that we don’t inadvertently contribute to the left’s despicable agenda.

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