The Naivete Epidemic


The Naivete Epidemic

If you ask people if they believe that evil people exist, they’ll say yes, but they only say that because they think that’s the correct answer, not because they really believe it. They simply don’t understand the nature of evil nor, especially, the nature of power.

There is an organization of people, called the US Federal Government, that extracts multiple trillions of dollars from citizens, openly, and through the naked threat of violence, every year. Everyone knows that if they don’t submit, they will be forced to give more. Everyone knows that if they don’t submit to giving more, they will be imprisoned. Everyone knows that if they don’t submit to imprisonment, they will be killed.

Everyone knows that.

Despite that knowledge, they also think that this organization is willing to allow the people it forcibly extracts the money and power from to decide the who runs the organization. This is a multi-trillion dollar gravy train. The political class and their cronies who benefit from, not only the money, but the power over others, the power that in studies affects the human brain in a similar manner as cocaine addiction, would never even consider handing their fate over to the judgement of Joe Blow. This is a well locked-down system of exploitation that exists for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

The reality is that they, in order to keep the racket going, take great pains to ensure its security. First, they force everyone to be indoctrinated from the age of 6 to 18 by sending them to schools where they are conditioned to submit to arbitrary authority, conditioned to hate learning through punitively regimented, anti-human programs, where they discourage the thoughtful, logical reflection and critical thinking that leads to the uncovering of truth, ensuring they can’t or won’t educate themselves afterward. They teach, subtly, that governments are not only necessary, but beneficial to mankind, and even though that has been proven false theoretically, philosophically, scientifically and empirically, the public has been trained to accept it as fact, and, largely, rendered unable to understand the truth of it. It becomes understood that “goodness” equals submission to authority, conformity of thought and acceptance of indoctrination.

Second, they control the media. Governments are people, controlling large masses of other people, by threat of violence. Governments teach the controlled masses that this is necessary and good. They convince the controlled masses that that government acts in their interest. That ensures that the controlled masses will fight each other over control of the direction of government, even though that control is illusory. That widespread and constant conflict is, by far, the largest source of news. Governments, by controlling access to that news, control the media. Over time, they develop a relationship with that media and use them (themselves consisting of members of the indoctrinated, controlled masses) to continue the indoctrination of the masses beyond their schooling years.

Third, government privilege and protection of businesses aligns them with the agenda. Don’t want to play politics with your business? Well, your competitors will, and that’ll give them a big advantage over you, so you really don’t have a choice. As the government grows its power, participation in the game gets more important and more of the successful company’s resources are focused away from the markets and toward access to government privilege. It becomes George Carlin’s “Big Club” – “and you ain’t in it”!

At this point, governments can fine-tune the message: “laws” are not simply the opinions of politicians at the point of a gun; they’re sacraments handed down from a holy authority. Regulation isn’t the consolidation of industries for the benefit of the politically-connected business that fund political campaigns, it’s a consumer protection measure. Police aren’t simply enforcing the will of the political class, they’re protecting the masses, and so-on.

The idea that you get a say in this system of control over you, is an amazing level of naivete and that level of naivete is absolutely epidemic.

The system is designed to keep the masses placated; to give them the illusion of control. The political class decides who they want in control, presents acceptable nominees to the public and, regardless of the outcome, they get what they want: the growth and security of their racket.

Some may point to times when “an outsider” has gained control. But what did the “outsider” actually do? Did he take more money than has ever been taken through the Federal Reserve’s money machine? Did he preside over the largest consolidation of politically-connected industry in history, via economic lock-down? Was he able to turn the masses against each other in unprecedented conflict?

That is all part of the illusion. The end-game is complete control.

All of this evil rests on nothing more than ideas. All that needs to happen to bring it all tumbling down is for the naive, indoctrinated masses to open their eyes to what is right in front of them. The fact that they’re unable to do so is what makes the system so insidious. Adults seeing the world as if they were children.

Evil people exist and they control everything.

Conceptual logician, libertarian philosopher, musician, economist, almost-ran businessman and other stuff.
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