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Do people even read blogs anymore? If so, do people read libertarian blogs? And what’s the point of another libertarian blog? This is actually a vanity project of mine to give a better home to the most substantive posts of the existing Anarcholife blog, hosted by Google, which I despise.

The started original Anarcholife blog in 2009 to talk about libertarian stuff, since I was completely obsessed with it back then. Over the years, the tone and substance of Anarcholife became less aggressive and combative and more philosophical and circumspect as my perspective became more nuanced.

I’ve always felt that libertarianism was the correct social philosophy, but there were always gray areas that dedicated opponents could point to to degrade an argument. Of course, reasonable people of good faith won’t necessarily ride the gray areas the way trolls will, but the mere existence of gray areas never sat well with me. In my mind, a gray area is an indication that your philosophy is either subjective, wrong or needs further development.

After many years of thought (I always say that my mind is high on torque, but low on horsepower, so I can figure anything out, but it might take a while) the answers began coming to me over a one-month period while I was living, poorly, as a failed entrepreneur, in the Colombian countryside north of Medellin in 2019. I set out writing the first post on this site, Libertarianism: Manual To Humanity in order to work out whether libertarianism was subjective or wrong and, if not, develop it to the level it should be; to work out the gray areas. I think I’ve done that, and, subsequently, libertarianism can now be fully understood as objective and logically correct, with no more gray areas.

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